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What is the Need of a Cover Letter

You must be thinking that what is the need of a cover letter that everyone says you to give it as an attachment? Why is it mandatory to have a cover letter with resume? You need to understand that when you are submitting a resume against any job application a cover letter will be the first page that will reflect the resume

Though you may find in the job ad only resumes are required to submit, but is a basic format that you must have a cover letter accompanying your job application. Whether it’s mention or not but the company hiring people will expect that every applicant should have a cover letter which will give a brief introduction of the candidates which will highlight the main resumes. In fact it is the part of the job application that can convince H.R department to schedule a job interview for you. It is regarded as a sign of laziness or ignorance, if you missed out the cover letter along with the resume. 

Some applicants also have the habit of writing the same cover letter for all companies they apply with, without understanding the specification of the job ad and not knowing that this could be a negative attribute for them. You must take proper care when you are writing cover letters, it should be addressed specifically to the company and for the specific job being applied for. Otherwise it could be a very poor cover letter that has been hurriedly sent out without any effort exerted to know more about the addressee company. 

It is true that writing a cover letter adds to one’s wear and tear in the process of looking and applying for job. But the cover letter may be of more importance than any document you submit including the detailed personal resume about you. The cover letter actually is the main document that will catch the first attention of any prospective employer before he takes the trouble of going into your resume. 

The employer could be a busy person, so his intention will be to look for the summary of any communication that reaches him; the cover letter is precisely the portion of any job application that gives him a quick look at the person applying for the job. So by now you must have understood that cover letter is the most essential factor when you are applying for any job interview. Therefore next time whenever you are going to send a resume don’t forget to write a detailed and nest cover letter.