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How to ask for a Salary Hike to your Boss

Are you stuck to your old salary for more than 2 years? Are you getting de motivated by the fact that you are not getting your due salary that you deserve and you can’t even leave your job as there are no such good opportunities coming up your way? Are you getting frustrated and don’t know how to ask your boss about your salary hike? You can understand that our food, gas and other living costs have increased and you’re mindful about the economy and that unemployment rates are high but you haven’t had a raise recently. 

Here are some tips to ask your boss about your 
salary hike. If you follow them cleverly soon you will be out of this clumsy situation and you will get what you deserve and you will be able to give your full effort for your and company’s growth. Generally in any company salary hike depends on how well you’ve marketed yourself. Because a lot depends on how your employer perceives you. 

If you haven’t started promoting yourself, so now it is the high time to start. Whenever you are doing some good job always ask for a compliment of your boss in written or via email. Start keeping a file of compliments you receive from the company and customers. Also keep a note of the added duties you’ve done – whether they stem from layoffs of your peers – or whether your job has grown in responsibilities. 

Monetize your contributions. How have they added to the company’s bottom line? If you can’t quantify your contributions to the company’s welfare in dollars, you’ll have to seek a promotion. Here are strategies; some of which will show you how to market yourself within your company. If you believe you have sufficiently marketed yourself – that you can make a case for a raise in your current position

– here are eight tips: 

1.Create a sheet of your contributions with two columns. List your duties in one column and list your accomplishments in other. Starting with the most salient, prioritize the items in descending order. 

2.Do some homework on pay scales hike in your company. You must determine if your pay increase request is not so difficult for your employer. Also consider the marketplace pay scales, which is usually available on the Internet. 

3.Create your appeal. Make sure you request does not sound like a threat. Acknowledge your awareness of the economy and your company’s position in the marketplace. Show how you are a solution to both of your boss’s headaches and challenges to your company. But be prepared to overcome objections. You can do this by asking your boss to restate the concerns, empathize, and state any relevant facts that support your cause. 

4.Practice your pitch in front of a trusted friend and in front of a mirror. 

5.Make an appointment with your boss. If he asks you the reason politely tell him it has to do with your career at the company. 
6.Be prepared to hear objections and you need to have the mindset to overcome that situation .

7.Ask for a commitment, such as “Can you think of any reason why I haven’t earned a raise?” Whatever the boss says, expresses your appreciation for the meeting. Always be genuine and honest during the entire conversation. 
8. Do not expect much about your request’s success. Your request can be turned down in the meeting, but then you remember it’s not personal, it’s just business. Hopefully, you will be successful in following the eight tips in asking your boss for a raise. 

If you have not succeeded this time you are still a winner for making the effort. It will boost your self esteem and enhance your prospects in the future. And it can be a sign that you need to master the art of marketing yourself.